Following the Cover-19 pandemic I have taken a Covid-19 risk and sanitisation course so my services are performed as sanitary and safely as possible to look after my clients as much as I can. Please follow my Instagram to stay up to date during this uncertain time. Attached below is a Pdf file confirming new procedures and terms which will be in place when my studio is allowed to reopen for services.

During these times I understand brides who have booked a wedding and want to postpone due to not being able to have the wedding they planned because of restrictions.

Due to the circumstances I am allowing brides to postpone their wedding date with me to a new date in 2021 if your are affected. Please do contact me to update me and enquire about my availability before confirming a new date! I get 60+ weddings each year and with move all 2020 weddings to 2021 plus all weddings which are already booked for 2021 prior to COVID, my availability is getting booked up very quickly and I will soon be closing my 2021 diary!


Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. 

Emma x

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